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Remember Movies
Remember Movies

Create Your Favorite Movies List

Do you ever find yourself forgetting movies you wanted to watch or not remembering if you had already watched a certain movie? Now you will never forget again. is the freeweb app that allows you to track movies you want to watch and then rate and share them once you have watched them.

  • Create an Online Movie Watching List
  • Quickly and Easily Search and Save Movies
  • View Box Office Rankings, What’s In Theaters, and Upcoming Releases

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How to Remember the Movies You Like

Works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Create Your List Now, Watch the Movie Directly Later

Unlike many other apps, we link you directly to the actual movies online. So, when you return to your online movie list to you can directly book tickets, watch it online, or see when it is being released.

Search for Movies by…

  • Title
  • Actor/Actress
  • Director
  • Facebook Friends’ Favorites
  • and more

Create Your Movie List Now

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Movie Search

New Movies, In Theaters, and ComingSoon on the Home Page

You can see all types of movies right from the movies home page at No more hunting around and searching the web.


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New in Theaters List

Also Save Your Favorite TV, Music, and Books

  • Create your own online reading list.
  • Create binge watching list for those TV shows your have heard so much about.
  • Check out which songs are topping the charts.

Remember BooksTVMusic

Screenshot of TV shows

TV show search

Replace 14 paid apps with 1 free site that works on all devices

  • Save movies and books, to do’s and notes, websites, shopping items, and more.
  • Don’t pay for 14 apps that constantly need to be updated, sap your smartphone battery, and don’t work on your laptop or desktop.
  • Share your personal info with 1 website rather than 14 random app companies
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