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The Best Online Family Planner App

Download the Remember Stuff App, the online family planner that will simplify your daily family life. Remember Stuff will save moms and dads time, money and make life their lives easier.

Remember Stuff Features

  • Automatically import recipes from your favorite food sites like Food Network,, are more
  • Save your child's artwork safely online
  • Save and remember the humorous things your kids say
  • Searchable to do's and notes apps
  • Make a "honey do" list and email it to your loved one. They receive a link to the interactive version online or in-app.
  • Kids activity search powered by Google and only pointed at the best kids activity sites
  • Reading list, movie list, tv binge-watching list
  • Save your favorite wines and beers
  • Accessible on desktop AND mobile
  • Works on Windows, Apple, and Android devices and on virtually any web browser

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

How It Works: App Version

  • Simply download the app from the app store of your choice
  • Add it to the home screen on your phone (recommended as we hope this app helps you so much you will want to use it frequently)
  • Open it and click “Register” or “Login with Facebook”
  • Select whichever topic is of interest to you and start your way to easier online family organization!

My Online Family Planner

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

How It Works: Free Web Version

  • You can access the site at RememberStuff.comfromany web browser on your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • The site auto-populates many items to save you typing on your phone or desktop.
  • Once you save something (like a book, movie, wine or shopping item), it is instantly linked to sites where you can read more about it or buy it. No more copying and pasting from your notes app. (See also: Why Remember Stuff is better than your notes app.)

Works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

The Best Way to Save Things Online

Ever had a friend suggest a wine or movie or book and you couldn't remember the name the next day? We did, too.

  • Save and Remember All Sorts of Stuff
  • Replace 13 Paid Apps with 1 Free Site
  • Don't Give Your Personal Info to 13 Apps is the free site that allows you to save, share, and remember all of the things you like.

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