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Why Remember Stuff is Better than Your Notes App

Does your notes app feel like it is completely disconnected? Maybe even a little dumb? Do you find yourself tediously typing on your phone when you use it? And then scrolling in a disorganized fashion through page after page to try to find what you need? And then you have to copy and paste your note and then go to another app where you actually want to use the thing you saved.
Remember Stuff is much easier and better because it has...

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Less Typing, More Productivity

Many aspects of Remember Stuff allow things to auto-populate when you start to type.Sometimes you don't even need to type at all. For example:

  • When you want to find and save a wineor beer you like, you only need to type a few characters and we will find it for you.
  • When you want to find a restaurant in your area, you simply click the "Detect My Location" button and we take care of the rest.

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Screenshot of Restaurant Map

Dynamically Connected Information

Tired of copying and pasting things and flipping back and forth between screens? In Remember Stuff, when you save something like a book, movie, wine, recipe, etc. it is instantly connected to the relevant information about that item. Want to read more about it or buy it? Simply click the link.No more copying and pasting and flipping from screen to screen or app to app.

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SocialSharing When (and Only If) You Want It

Some things you want to share. Other things you don't. Remember Stuff makes it very easy to share only the things you want (like a great wine or book) and NOT to share the things you don't (like a personal note or to do).

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Screenshot of Remember SocialSharing

Works on Mobile or Desktop

1 Free App Rather Than 14 Apps

Many people download app after app, sharing their personal information with countless nameless, faceless organizations. Who knows how they are using that personal info or who they are sharing it with. Instead of using 14 apps that share your information with who knows what sketchy organizations and that constantly wear down your battery downloading updates, just use one web app,, for all your needs.

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