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How to Remember Your Favorite Movies

So if you’re like me and have a lot of movie watching catch up to do, or even if you just like to remember the movies you’ve already watched, Remember Stuff makes it super easy. The next time you have a free evening and the kids are getting sleepy, why not turn on The Jungle Book?

Family-Friendly Sports Movies by the Dozen

Summer movie night is an event at our house. We love to pop some corn, turn off all the lights and settle in front of the TV with blankets and pillows for a hilarious comedy or an inspiring drama.

Nominees for the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards

Be the first to check out the movies listed as Nominees for 72nd Golden Globe Awards. Enjoy the movies with your family and share with your friends.

Mid-year Hollywood Report 2014: The Top 3 Acclaimed and Expected Hits

There have been some great movies out this year and there are still a few highly anticipated film releases yet to come. Find out which you shouldn't miss!

The 10 Best 80's Comedies

The funniest movies from the 80's revealed. There is no doubt these comedies and the quotes from them will give you a good laugh.

How to Remember the Movies You Have Watched

Remember Stuff allows you to save and remember the movies you have watched and that you like (or dislike). You can also buy and rent many of the movies.

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