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How to Remember your Favorite Restaurants

Whether I’m at home or I’m traveling, I love to find new and exciting restaurants to try. Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I happened upon a Venezuelan restaurant that we wanted to remember to try later when we could arrange a date night.

Until now my methods of “remembering” restaurants include scribbling on scraps of paper that I typically lose in my purse, relying on my not always reliable brain, emailing the name of the restaurant to myself (if I can remember to actually email myself), or finding a link to the restaurant (if it even has a link) and saving it in my bookmarks.

All of those require a lot of extra steps that may or may not work, and most likely I’ll just lose them or forget to do them. There is a much better way.

Check out the instructions below and always have restaurant names ready when you need them!

1. Go

2. Click “Remember a Restaurant.”

3. Here you’ll be given a few options. First let’s try “Enter Restaurant Manually.”

4. Type in the name of a restaurant you want to find. As you type, the search will automatically offer a list of locations, so you can choose which one to click on without having to type the whole name (great for mobile).

5. If a list of locations doesn’t automatically appear, you can manually type the location under “Add Additional Info.”

6. Under “Add Additional Info” you can also “Add Tags” such as Italian, family, Mexican, buffet, etc. Adding tags makes it really easy to categorize them for easy retrieval later under the “Tags” feature.

Also here, you can “Attach a link” and “Enter a description.” When you are done, press Save.

7. Once saved, you can also rate the restaurant, write notes and a review, and share it with other friends who are on Remember Stuff (and logged in via Facebook).

Once my husband and I tried the Venezuelan restaurant, which we loved, we were definitely eager to share it with our friends.

8. If you go back to “Remember a Restaurant” and select “Search by City or Zip Code” you can find new places to try where you live, or where you’ll be traveling.

This is an awesome feature if you’re planning a trip soon—instead of trying to figure out where to go while you are there, you can plan ahead and save some fun places in your Remember Stuff account to pull up when you need it!

9. For example, maybe you are planning a trip to Portland, Oregon and and you want to get a good list of places to try. Just type it in and up come the results.

Also on the search results is the address. You can quickly use the text filter at the top of the list to narrow things down if you like.

10. Click on one that you want to try, and it’ll take you to a spot where you can “Save It.” Now it’s there and ready for you to pull up whenever you need it.

11. Go back to “Remember a Restaurant” and now click on “Detect My Location (GPS).” A popup window will ask you to allow the site to pinpoint your location. Click allow.

12. Next, a map will come up of where you are, and if you scroll down you’ll see a list of restaurants close by. What could be easier? Find one you want to try and save it to your Remember Stuff account.

Doesn’t that seem easier and more reliable than other methods? Use the Remember a Restaurant feature where you live, or where you are traveling, to make finding restaurants super easy. And then save your favorites so you’ll always remember them!

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Carrie SniderCarrie Snider

Carrie is a farm girl at heart. Now she spends all her time with her four outgoing children and husband. She loves to run, dance in the kitchen, try new gluten-free recipes, and read mystery novels.

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