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How to Remember Grocery Prices

When you go to the grocery store, do you ever find your inner voice asking yourself, "now how much did I pay for that [insert grocery item here] the last time I got a good deal?" Can't remember if it was $0.50 or $1.50/lb that was the good deal for bananas? RememberStuff Shopping (shortcut: has a feature that may just help you out with this dilemma.

Let's quickly walk through the steps to help you on your way to remembering what the best grocery prices are for the items that you buy.

    1. Login to or register for
    2. Select Remember a Shopping Item
    3. 2 step

    4. Select "Create a List" from the List dropdown about half way down the page
    5. 3 step

    6. Create a list called "Grocery Prices" (or whatever name you like) and select "Save"
    7. 4 step

    8. Now go back to the Remember a Shopping Item page and select your "Grocery Prices" list
    9. 5 step

    10. Enter the name of the item in the first field at the top
    11. text field6

    12. Then enter the price and the store at which you found that price
    13. The "store" field is a text field so you can put whatever you want in there. So you may want to type "$/lb at Safeway" or something like that
    14. 7Step

Enter as many items as you like. Now, when you go the my shopping page, you can quickly find/filter your items, see if the price this week is a good one, and decide if you want to buy that item this week or wait until next week. You now have the ability to remember grocery prices, as well as any other shopping item you might want! Happy Grocery Shopping!

If you think this article could help someone else, please pass it along. And, feel free to check out the Remember Sites portion of to save any link on the web. Thanks!

Start creating a grocery list which helps you remember the items and find out the best deals at RememberStuff Shopping and make shopping easier than before.

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Scott BarnardScott Barnard

As founder of Remember Stuff and a father of 2, I know what it's like to try to juggle family life and work. Hopefully, the tools on the site help you to save time, save money and Make Life Easier!

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