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Exciting, Motivational Free Math Games for Kids

Math is hard. At least, it is for a lot of people, both kids and adults alike. As a homeschool mom, math is the most difficult subject for me to teach my children because it is the most difficult for me to learn.

Using games has been one of the most productive teaching methods I’ve come across, and the kids don’t even mind putting in practice time!

Online games, games based on printables, and crafted math games are all effective ways to teach and reinforce these often difficult to understand concepts. Try these games to help kids comprehend math. And the best part? They’re all free!

Free math games can teach preschoolers the basics

Preschoolers love playdough. It’s also a great way for them to help develop hand strength and improve their fine motor skills. These playdough counting mats are a fun, hands-on way to introduce preschoolers to numbers.

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Use a dinosaur-themed shape recognition game from PBS Kids to help preschoolers learn to recognize basic shapes. As long as your child can use the mouse, he will be able to play this game mostly independently.

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Addition games help kids learn math facts in a way that is so much fun, they’ll never forget them.

Try this free printable matching game to help kids practice their addition facts. Kids between kindergarten and 2nd grade will benefit from this exciting card game. Memorization of these facts early on contributes to a child’s success in math throughout his education.

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This basketball-themed addition game is an exciting and interactive way to make kids want to memorize those addition facts.

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Games provide visuals for kids struggling with the concept of subtraction.

There is a whole list of free printable games that help reinforce subtraction concepts available at These are very easy to set up. They make kids want to practice their subtraction facts!

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My 10 year old loves this frog subtraction game. She pretty much learned all of her subtraction facts from playing this game. Timed tests were discouraging to her, but this game was encouraging and fun.

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Multiplication games help kids memorize the multiplication tables.

This monster math game is a great way for kids to practice multiplication facts together. It’s very simple, meaning kids can play all by themselves any time! Just print off the cards and find a couple of dice.

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Check out for tons of free multiplication games like this Granny Prix Racing game that kids find absolutely hilarious. There are very few games on this site that my kids don’t love!

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Games that help kids learn to divide make this tricky skill easy to master.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an incredible resource for finding learning materials. There are lots of great games available for free to help your kids learn division facts like this collection of printable games. You’ll have to create an account, but it is worth the occasional e-mail!

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This crocodile division game is prefect for kids learning all levels of division. You can specify which answers will pop up by choosing the level, and there is an easy mode and a timed mode. The timed version of this game is an exciting way to memorize division facts and test what has been learned.

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Practicing math using games is the perfect way to entice kids into taking the learning of math skills into their own hands. Check out other fun, educational math games on Remember Stuff’s kids' activities search.

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Taylor RoatchTaylor Roatch

Taylor is a homeschooling mother of three amazing children with an incredible penchant for sarcasm. She's thankful every day for her husband's incredible ability to adapt to her ever-changing interests, which include crochet, hand-spinning, reading, writing, yoga, DIY home projects, and gardening.

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