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6 Useful Reference Learning Websites for Kids

I’m a big fan of the public library system. I can still remember hurrying home from elementary school with a research assignment. I couldn’t wait to get to the library to get first crack at the only Encyclopedia Britannica on the premises.

To delay would mean waiting in line for the hardback volume I needed. Today’s kids have it made with online reference materials available on demand at school, at home or on the go.

My first go-to choice for children’s reference materials is the American Library Association. One of their divisions, the Association of Library Services for Children, recommends Great Websites for Kids with categories ranging from Animals and The Arts to Science and Social Studies.

The following is a list of ALA sanctioned websites listed under the category Reference Desk that will help your children to complete homework assignments and research projects with ease.

Fact Monster (elementary and middle school ages) >

This fact-filled website’s reference section includes Homework Center, Timeline, Almanac, Atlas, Dictionary and Encyclopedia categories. A wealth of information is available for daily assignments and in-depth projects.

There’s also a fun section called Information Please with search areas including People, Math & Money, Cool Stuff, Games & Quizzes. Use is free.

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Merriam-Webster Online (elementary and middle school ages) >

This is a great website for the whole family. It is divided into sections called Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Scrabble® and Spanish Central. Word games like Spell It and Name That Thing make vocabulary fun. Use is free.

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BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper (elementary and middle school ages) >

This curated collection of homework resources has been around for 20 years. Kids can find help with assignments in Math, English, Science and Computers on a variety of quality educational websites for children. Majority are free.

Save It To for Kids (kids K-5 and teens grade 6 -8) >

This site is provided by the Federal Citizen Information Center and searchable topics range from Art and Music to Healthy Exercise and Eating, Money and Science.

Games and videos introduce interesting information in appealing formats for a knowledge-packed search experience. Use is free.

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Kids Click! (elementary and middle school ages) >

This website is actually a library catalogued collection of links to a variety of topics children can access for school assignments. Subject searches result in lists of website links with age and reading level references.

Students who use this site will not only acquire topical knowledge, they’ll become better researchers. Use is free.

Save It To (elementary and middle school ages) >

This site employs more than 100 quality encyclopedia and dictionary resources to provide kids with information on everything from biographies and facts to definitions and word origin. Use is free.

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Practice Internet safety at your house by monitoring your children’s use of the computer. Not all information on the web is accurate or desirable, so visit websites that are recommended by your children’s teachers and other reputable individuals and organizations.

Be sure to check’s optimized search for more reference learning websites for kids.

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Nancy SchillerNancy Schiller

Nancy Schiller writes helpful, humorous articles on parenting, gardening and business- related topics.

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