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About Remember Stuff allows you to save, share, and remember the things you like. It is a website that can be used on a mobile device or on your desktop.

  • Ever had a friend suggest a wine or movie or book and you couldn't remember the name the next day?
  • Tired of having 14 apps instead of one place to save all your stuff?
  • Having senior moments even though you're not a senior? can help you with all of those situations and more.

If you'd like to contact us about items not related to site feedback, please click the link below:

Founder: Scott Barnard

Scott BarnardI won't bore you too much, but in 1999 I moved from Boston to San Francisco. When I moved to the Bay Area, I knew absolutely nothing about wine. I pretty much knew there was red, white and Boone's. I found myself going out to dinners and parties with friends and never being able to remember whether the reason a certain wine label was familiar was because I really liked it or really didn't like it. I simply could not remember.

Hence the idea for Remember Wine was born. And, eventually, extended to Remember Stuff. I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. Please never hesitate to click the "Feedback" button at the bottom of the screen and let me know how we can do a better job of helping you remember the things you like. Thanks!

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