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Remember Restaurants
Remember Restaurants

Find the Best Restaurants and Save Your Favorites

Ever been chatting with a friend about the best restaurants to try when you go on vacation somewhere? Did you forget them a few days later? Now you will never forget those restaurants again. is the free web app that allows you to save, rate, and remember your favorite restaurants.

  • Find Nearby Restaurants by GPS/Location
  • Save the Restaurants You Want to Try on a Trip
  • Rate and Share Your Favorites

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Remember a Restaurant

Search for a Restaurant

Find a Resaurant (GPS)

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Works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Find Restaurants for a Trip

If you’ve gotten restaurant recommendations from a friend or want to plan which restaurants to try during a trip, allows you to do just that:

  • Create a Restaurant List for Your Trip
  • Find the best restaurants and save them

Screenshot of Restaurant List

My Restaurants

Search Restaurants by…

  • GPS
  • Your computer’s general location
  • Name
  • And more

Find a Resaurant (GPS)

Screenshot of Restaurant Search

Map of Nearby Restaurants

Save, Rate and Share Your Favorite Restaurants with Your Friends

  • Rate your favorite restaurants (or least favorites).
  • See your facebook friends’ favorite restaurants.
  • Instantly share your ratings on the most popular social media sites


Screenshot of Share Your Favorite Restaurants with Your Friends

Friends Favorite Restaurants

Also Save Wine, Beer, Recipes and More

  • Use the wine wizard to find great wines
  • Instantly import recipes from the most popular food sites.
  • Browse your favorite beer styles and find new brews to try


Screenshot of My Recipes

My favorite restaurants

Replace 14 paid apps with 1 free site that works on all devices

  • Save movies and books, to do’s and notes, websites, shopping items, and more.
  • Don’t pay for 14 apps that constantly need to be updated, sap your smartphone battery, and don’t work on your laptop or desktop.
  • Share your personal info with 1 website rather than 14 random app companies
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