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Remember Food & Drink
Remember Food and Drink

Find, Save & Share Your Favorite Recipes, Restaurants, Wines & More

Save all the food and drink-related stuff you want:

  • Automatically Import Your Favorite Recipes
  • Find Great Wines & Pair Them Using the Wine Wizard
  • Plan the Restaurants Your Want to Visit During a Trip
  • Rate and Share with Friends

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Remember Meal Plan

Remember Recipes

My Recipes Lists & Tags

My Recipes

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(we will automatically grab the name, ingredients, directions, etc.)

Import Works for These Sites

  • Eating Well
  • Epicurious
  • Food Network
  • The Kitchn
  • My Recipes
  • Simply Recipes

Remember Grocery List

Remember Restaurants

My Restaurant Tags

My Restaurants

Works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Automatically Import Recipes from Your Favorite Sites

  • Food Network
  • Epicurious
  • Eating Well
  • and many more…

Import a Recipe

Screenshot of Import Recipes

Automatically import recipes

Search Thousands of Recipes

  • Our powerful Google-based search allows you to search by any words you want or exclude any words you want.
  • And it only targets recipes so you no garbage results get in the way.

Find Great Recipes

Screenshot of Recipes Search

Powerful recipe search

Find Great Wines with the Wine Wizard

Find the best wines by:

  • Food pairing
  • Friends' Recommendations
  • Wine Rating
  • Price range
  • and more

Try Wine Wizard

Screenshot of the Wine Wizard

Wine Finder Wizard

Save, Rate and Share Your Favorite Restaurants with Your Friends

  • Rate your favorite restaurants (or least favorites).
  • See your facebook friends’ favorite restaurants.
  • Instantly share your ratings on the most popular social media sites

Use GPS to Find RestaurantsSearch by City or Zip Code

Screenshot of Friends' Restaurants

View Freinds Restaurants

Replace 14 paid apps with 1 free site that works on all devices

  • Save movies and books, to do’s and notes, websites, shopping items, and more.
  • Don’t pay for 14 apps that constantly need to be updated, sap your smartphone battery, and don’t work on your laptop or desktop.
  • Share your personal info with 1 website rather than 14 random app companies
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