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Activities for Kids

5 Simple Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory play is essentially any activity that involves the child’s senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. Often combining the use of multiple senses, this form of play helps children develop these senses and also encourages children to think critically.

Kids’ Reading Activities – A Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs is an online, Android and iPad program that will encourage your child to learn to read and to enjoy reading. Is an Amazing Learning Tool for Every Kid Under 8

While on, I don’t have to worry that she’s going to wind up somewhere on the Internet that I don’t want her to go.

5 Fun and Educational Crafts to Do With Kids

Crafts that help kids develop important life and learning skills and tie into their academic studies are highly recommended.

4 Unplugged Indoor Activities for Energetic Toddlers

During the toddler years there is never a dull moment, or a private one for that matter. With a little imagination you can include your best little buddy in your daily routine and get some work done, too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fun and Fab Physical Activities for Kids

Here are some ideas for physical activities for kids to help the children in your life get moving.

Fun and Educational Reading Activities for Kids of All Ages

By taking an active role in your kids’ developing reading skills, you can help ensure that they have the best chance possible of being successful throughout their lives.

Exciting Science Activities for Curious Kids

Here are some ideas to nurture a passion for discovery and learning in your little scientist. I have actually done every one of these activities with my own children and I highly recommend them!

Painting Games to Keep Kids Busy

Whether you like traditional paint and paper or the online version, you’ll find an abundance of painting games for kids on the Internet.

6 Useful Reference Learning Websites for Kids

Practice Internet safety at your house by monitoring your children’s use of the computer.

Exciting, Motivational Free Math Games for Kids

Practicing math using games is the perfect way to entice kids into taking the learning of math skills into their own hands.

6 Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home

Arm yourself with ideas for family fun at home, starting with these following fun activities.

5 Exceptional Learning Websites/Apps for Kids

When I choose a website for children, I look for education plus entertainment, because kids learn best when they’re having fun. Check these out.

9 Exciting Activities to Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Kids

We spend the entire month of November aiming to live out the true meaning of Turkey Day. Here are some things your family can do to really get in the Thanksgiving spirit.

5 Art Activities Your Preschoolers Will Love

I enjoy art projects, so as soon as my children could hold a crayon, I supplied heaps of drawing paper. Check out these fun art activities.

Music Activities for Joyful Kids

Most of our kids aren’t going to become musicians when they grow up, but will enjoy an opportunity to make their own music. Check these ideas for introducing music to your children.

5 Fun Computer Games for Kids

Kids today have more options in terms of digital media and games. Check this list of top 5 computer games that are the most fun for kids to play right now.

Activities for Toddlers

We are sure that you will have a ton of fun with your 2-year-old with these activities, and they are sure to inspire many hours of creative play.

7 Earth Day Activities for Kids to Remember

The following are Earth-friendly ideas for you to share with your family. Choose one, or all, for memorable events that will leave a lasting impression.

5 Fun Websites For Kids

Today, free online web-based games cover diverse topics and they are available for all ages. Enjoy these 5 Fun Websites for Kids.

Nutrition Activities for Toddlers

As more children face health struggles, due to poor diets and lack of exercise, it is important that we reach out about nutrition. These fun activities will help toddlers learn about the importance of nutrition.

6 Preschool Math Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Let’s face it. Learning math can be tough. Why not instill a natural affinity for numbers in your children when they’re very young?

6 Science Activities to “Wow” Your Preschooler

Science projects are popular at our house, I‘ve tried them out in advance to ensure their success. Check these list of activities that my kids has enjoyed, and yours will, too.

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

These fun outdoor activities will enhance your toddler's development and we are pretty sure that you will enjoy getting outside in the fresh air for a little al fresco fun.

Art Activities for Toddlers

As toddler grows, he will be more inquisitive about materials and textures, means that art activities for children are essential. Check out Art Activities for Toddlers for more.

Recycling Activities for Kids: 10 Family-Friendly Projects

The following recycling activities for kids will provide hours of fun and an opportunity to make a difference.

5 Play Ideas that Give Parents a Breather

Summer's here and you need a break already! Here are some independent play ideas that have worked well in my family.

Family-Friendly Sports Movies by the Dozen

Summer movie night is an event at our house. We love to pop some corn, turn off all the lights and settle in front of the TV with blankets and pillows for a hilarious comedy or an inspiring drama.

Summer Gardening for Beginners

It's really just a fancy word for digging in the dirt, breaking up the big clods, making the dirt better, planting things in the dirt, watering the things and watching them grow into beautiful plants, some of which are edible.

Unplug and Gear Up for Summer Memory Making

Summer's right around the bend! Throw open the windows and put on your flip-flops! Where I'm from, folks head to the mountains or the seashore for long-awaited vacations.

Quality Learning and Loads of Fun With Award-Winning Toys

Are you trying to get more educational bang for your buck with toys?Let's take a quick look at what's rocking the industry. You may be surprised!

Five Rainy Day Activities to While Away the Hours

Spring has sprung and that means showers. Just when winter has released us from its icy grip, we find ourselves back in the house with energetic children who need something to do.

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