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Create an Online Grocery List with the Remember Stuff App

Whether you want to create an online grocery list, instantly add staples that you buy frequently, or keep a master grocery list, you can do it all with the Remember Stuff.

  • Copy and paste existing grocery lists so you can access them online
  • Instantly add staples that you buy frequently to start a new grocery list
  • Create a master list of all the items on all past lists (and you can remove certain items, too)
  • Access your grocery list via the web or app

How the Grocery Lists from Remember Stuff Work

Getting started is easy:

  • Download the app,Register Now, Or Login with Facebook
  • Instantly check a box to add common staples (and you can edit the “staples list”)
  • Copy/paste your items (or type them in using autocomplete)
  • The next time around, you can use the “master grocery list” or use a past list to start with
  • That’s it; easy!


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Other Great Remember Stuff Features

Remember Stuff is not just a grocery list app, it also has other great features to make your life easier and can be an online planner for your entire family:

  • Instantly import recipes from popular sites (or save your own)
  • Save other to do lists online
  • Save notes and ideas
  • Create reading lists, movie lists, tv binge-watching lists and more
  • Save your child’s artwork online
  • Shareable weekly chores lists for your kids
  • Find great kids activities and save the best ones for later


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