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Six Easy Dessert Recipes to Wow the Kids

Everyone gets a sweet tooth every now and again. Kids are no exception. However, the extra time and effort that making dessert involves is often discouraging.

By choosing simple, quick, and easy to create desserts, you may find yourself more likely to indulge. You can make these fun, creative dessert recipes to amaze the kids in your life and turn an everyday occasion into a memorable experience.

Quick and easy ice cream wafflewiches will please both kids and parents alike >

When time is short and you want to whip up dessert, these ice cream wafflewiches are sure to be a hit. The interesting combination of crispy waffles and creamy ice cream will provide a sensory experience for the whole family.

This spin on the classic ice cream sandwich can be put together in about ten minutes. It would also be very easy to create a version that is allergen and food sensitivity free by using grain-free waffles or coconut milk ice cream.

The possible combinations are endless! Spread hazelnut spread or caramel on the inside of the waffles before adding ice cream for added decadence.

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Dessert can be healthy! >

Sweet treats are served in moderation at my house, which means my kids don’t get dessert as often as they’d like. What if dessert could be *gasp* healthy, though? I’m certainly more likely to prepare dessert more often if it is good and good for my family.

Banana ice cream fake-out is a (mostly) perfectly healthy and super easy dessert that my kids absolutely love. You can add in small amounts of other frozen fruit like strawberries to customize this frozen treat.

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Parfaits are a quick and easy way to throw together a kid-pleasing dessert >

These cookies-and-cream parfaits are so easy to make! My kids love to get in on the action when we make parfaits. They help crumble cookies and decide how best to layer the ingredients.

This recipe is totally customizable. Use whatever pudding flavors and cookie types you like to create a totally unique dessert. Try butterscotch pudding with pumpkin spice cookies for a fall twist, or lemon cookies and cheesecake pudding to create spring fare.

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Mug cakes are an exciting and easy way to bring dessert to the table >

I hate having leftover dessert. Why, you ask? It’s because there is a one hundred percent chance that I will eat the remaining sweets after the kids go to bed.

These confetti mug cakes solve that little problem! One of my children hates sprinkles, so I’d probably use orange zest or dark chocolate chips (or both!) and fudgy frosting instead.

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Sweet and salty desserts are perfect for movie night with the kids >

Movie night is one of our favorite family traditions. We all snuggle up on the couch under blankets and eat yummy snacks and watch our favorite family flicks. It’s a simple tradition that calls for simple treats.

No bake sweet and salty cereal bars fit the bill for the perfect movie night snack. They’re tidy enough to eat on the couch and quick and easy enough that I won’t hold up our family time to make them.

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Dump cake is a ridiculously easy and supremely tasty dessert that kids can almost make by themselves! >

I love fruity desserts and my kids have learned to like them out of necessity. This dump cake recipe is extremely easy.

My five year-old has made this recipe on her own, only getting help with the oven and the can opening. We make the peach version as we have a pineapple allergy in my house.

The lack of real measuring makes this dessert perfect for even the most inexperienced cook to make with little guidance.

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While making dessert with your kids, you’re making memories as well. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of making dessert for our large family, standing on a step stool side by side with my mother at the kitchen counter.

The recipe doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming to be memorable. Take a few minutes to make some memories with your kids this week.

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Taylor RoatchTaylor Roatch

Taylor is a homeschooling mother of three amazing children with an incredible penchant for sarcasm. She's thankful every day for her husband's incredible ability to adapt to her ever-changing interests, which include crochet, hand-spinning, reading, writing, yoga, DIY home projects, and gardening.

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